Sunburn Treatment- Bring on the oatmeal!

Summer means sun and that can mean sunburns. Obviously, prevention is the best thing. But if you've had an oopsie and either forgot your sunscreen or stayed out a bit too long, relief is waiting right there in your pantry.


Yep, the stuff your mother made you eat for breakfast growing up. The stuff touted for helping lower your cholesterol now.

Who knew it could help you feel good on the outside, too?

Several companies make oatmeal soaks (such as Aveeno) but they are pricey. It's fast and easy to make your own. Just grind about 1 cup in your blender or food processor until it is a very fine consistency (almost like flour). Make sure that you are using the rolled or raw oats and not the instant variety! You can test if it's right by dropping a small amount in a glass of water. It should dissolve instantly and give the water a milky look to it.

Just add the powder to your (warm)bath, mixing with your hands to make sure there aren't any clumps and then soak for about 20 minutes. This is also a great treatment for itchy skin from things like chicken pox, eczema and bug bites.

One word of warning: the collodial properties of oatmeal will make the tub slippery. Use care when getting in and out.


ZiggyFlo said…
Donna, I didn't know you could use regular oatmeal. Have used the Aveeno kind since kids were tiny. Daughter has sensitive skin and often she still needs to use it even though she's an adult.

Sure will save some money as last I got the Aveeno, a box was about $15.00! Whew!