Menu plan Monday 6-6-2011, OAMC Plan

This is my last week of summer vacation. I start back to a full-time clinical rotation next week. I alternate between being excited, scared and very sad.

One of the unexpected benefits of getting injured was the chance to be a full-time mom and wife. Other than a couple of brief maternity leaves, I had never had the chance to experience that. What surprised me the most was that I really, really liked it. I liked being there at the bus stop. I liked being able to take my daughters to dance classes and softball games every week.I liked being room mom and going on class field trips. I liked being able to drop everything at a moments notice to go pick up a sick child, and then spend the day cuddled on my bed watching cartoons.

Unfortunately, our circumstances have changed and I am forced back into the looking for work force. So, staring next week, instead of picking up and going to pool, I'll be putting on scrubs and feeding someone else's child. Instead of listening to the frogs, I'll be listening to heart and lung sounds. Instead of half-done, hair brained craft projects, it will be timed tests, scheduled meds and deadlines. And instead of a leisurely "what sounds good for dinner?" it will be a rushed eat and get ready for bed affair.

Menu planning and Once a Month Cooking has helped me in the past. I'm hoping it will in the future. I'm also hoping that by throwing myself into this during this week, it will help take away some of the sadness I am feeling right now. Cooking as therapy.

So here is my plan:
Prepare 3 meals worth of hamburger patties
4 dozen meat balls
2 meat loaves
2 meals worth of taco filling

2 chicken pot pies
Cook shredded chicken for sandwiches

2 meals of Chili Colorado

Bagged meals for crockpot:
2 dinners of Crockpot chicken cordon bleu
2 bags chicken pasta Alfredo
2 bags beef stew
2 crockpot lasagna

Other bagged meals:
Orange chicken with rice

Blueberry muffins
Egg & cheese muffins

That should keep me busy this week. I plan to do the ground beef cooking 1 day and all the chicken cooking the next. Today, however, I need to go clean out my freezer!

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