Things that get on my nerves...

*Warning- I'm feeling kinda crabby today. Don't bother reading if you are someone that is easily offended or are one of those perpetually perky people who never gets annoyed by anything*

Just a few of the things that bug the heck out of me:

People who are late.  If you expect me to be on time, so should you.  It's not my privilege to wait for you.

People who tweet (or FB) too much.  I really don't need to know that you are having tacos for lunch. And spaghetti for dinner.  And a snack before bed.  I really don't.

People who need a calculator to figure out what 50% off of $14.99 is.

Road construction going in to down town.  On a weekend.  During the day time hours.  When there is a Braves Game, concert and convention all going on at the same time.

People in front of you in line at a fast food place who can't make up their minds about what they want.  While there is a long line behind them.  Move aside, let the person behind you go while you are pondering the choice of a cheese burger or a double cheese burger.

Chain emails.  I truly don't believe I am going to win a million dollars and find the love of my life if I forward this email to at least 25 of my friends.
The way the volume of commercials is at least 10 decibels louder than the program you are watching.
Reality T.V.  It's not reality.  It's not entertaining. And the idiots are NOT stars.

People who don't know the difference between "there", "their" and "they're".

News websites that don't know how to utilize a dictionary.  If that basic little fact can't be verified, why should I believe anything else they put there?

Tailgaters. Trust me, if you decide to ride my bumper, I'm going to slow down just to tick you off.

People with too tight face lifts.  It's just not natural to look as though you've stuck your face in a wind tunnel. Joan Rivers and Kenny Rogers, I am speaking to you.

Seeing someone's underwear.  I really don't want to know that you have an affinity for butt floss (thongs) or briefs.

4 A.M.- that one is pretty self explanatory.


krafting kelly said…
I agree with every one of those! I really enjoy your blog, so I’m passing this award along to you. Congratulations!