The Casey Anthony verdict: Justice or Joke?

I'm generally a big believer in our legal system. But today, just as I was nearly 16 years ago, I am dumbfounded by the lack of common sense exhibited by the jurors on this case.

Mentally, I had prepared myself for this possibility. I didn't think the prosecution was doing a good enough job of breaking things down and making it simple for the jurors. I said as much to my husband. But while I thought the jury wouldn't come back with a death penalty recommendation, I did truly believe that they would see beyond the bs and realize that the only person responsible for the death of Caylee Marie was her mother.

But hearing the verdicts announced as "Not Guilty" today gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. Once again, the people who were responsible for protecting Caylee failed. 12 jurors let that little girl down just as surely as her mother did. That is absolutely unacceptable in my book.

Casey threw everyone and everything under the bus to try and get away with murder. And get away with it she did. But I know she killed Caylee. Her parents know she killed Caylee. SHE knows she killed Caylee. But most of all, Caylee knows Casey is guilty.

I'm just sick after all of this. A man in my neighborhood shot a dog (the dog survived the injury) and got 2 years in jail. A football player shot himself in the leg and got jail time. But another mother murdered her child and will walk free.

This is all a sick joke, right?

Seems Casey Anthony and her bozo defense teams are the only ones laughing.