Good idea/Bad idea- The pet version

MckMama had a funny post yesterday comparing her good ideas with, let's just say, her not so great ones. In the spirit of her post, I thought I would do my own version using my household menagerie as inspiration.

Good idea: Dog sitting for a neighbor.
Bad idea: Leaving my interview shoes down low enough for said dog to chew them up the night before my interview.

Good idea: Having 4 dogs because I thought each one needed their own special buddy.
Bad idea: Having 4 dogs because I'm out numbered when the door bell rings.

Good idea: Deciding that it was cruel to crate a dog at night.
Bad idea: Laughing the first time Rhett stole my pillow. Now he does it every night.

Good idea: Buying identical chew toys for the dogs.
Bad idea: Not realizing that no matter how many I have, they will always want the same one at the same time.

Good idea: Having the two smaller dogs sit beside me on the couch while I type so we can have some quality time together.
Bad idea: Having them sit beside me while I'm using the computer because they like to walk across the keyboard.

Good idea: Joining a board about the specific breed to learn more about them.
Bad idea: Joining the board because now I spend far too much time on it.

Good idea: Writing this post.
Bad idea: Writing this post because I can't do it as well as Mckmama does it.