Vegetables as Civil Disobedience

Would you go to jail over broccoli?
I had to share this link with you. A woman in Michigan is facing 3 months in jail over, get this, a vegetable garden.  It seems the city planners in Oak Park, Michigan have a problem with certain types of vegetation grown on private property.  Or rather, the location of said vegetation.
For her part, home owner Julie Bass does not see why growing vegetables in well maintained, raised beds in her front yard can be considered a crime.  Is Oak Park really such a bastion of safety orderliness that tomatoes and cucumbers are considered a threat?
We aren't talking about a master-planned community with cookie cutter front lawns required by strict HOA rules.  Her neighborhood appears to be a working class area with a mixture of single and multi-family units. 
Can and should the government control what you consider to be useful or decorative?  Is this a case of big brother knowing how to better run our lives than the individual?  Or is this a town with too much money and time on it's hands?  In an age with the government trying to tell us what we can and can't eat, shouldn't a vegetable garden not only be encouraged but lauded? 
What do you think?