Organize a "Back to School Supplies" Drive

We are trying something different in my neighborhood this year. Every year we organize a Back to School Ice Cream Social held the afternoon before school starts. This year we are adding a little something new; a drive to collect school supplies.

Every year we get a long, long, long list of supplies the kids need to bring in to the classroom. We get the generic school list, and then a second one comes out with specific things the teacher is requesting. It's enough to give you heart palpitations when you start adding up the cost. For some families, it's just too much to handle so kids go to school without and are embarrassed by not having the little things that make the start of the school year so much fun. A new box of crayons, fresh pencils, a new lunch bag.

Right now, many of those needed items can be purchased for less than a dollar at the big chain stores. Think about organizing a drive in your neighborhood and throwing an extra item or two in your cart to help a child get the school year off to a good start.

Update: I was asked where I would distribute the supplies we gather.  In our case, my local elementary school has a long, long list of students in need and not enough supplies to fill it.  The school counselor is going to make sure the supplies get put to good use.  Other options you might consider are delivering the supplies to a local food bank or women/children's shelter.  

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Lisa said…
Fabulous! You are right...lots of families can't afford to buy everything on the list. Where will you take your donations?