Protecting Your iPad In The Kitchen

Hi everyone!

Long time, no post.  I feel  like I have dropped off the face of the earth lately.  Between working nights and trying to sleep on odd schedules, it seems like I haven't had any time to do any craft projects or blog at all.  One thing I always have to do though is cook.

Are you like me?  Has your iPad become your indispensible friend in the kitchen for looking up recipes?  If so, you know how hard it is to protect it from spill and annoying messes as you scroll down the page looking for the next step.

There is an easy, cheap and reusable answer though.  And chances are you already have it in your pantry. - The lowly zipper-top bag.  

Just pop your iPad into a one gallon zip top style bag and you can scroll away to your heart's content without getting your screen all sticky. I also use an inexpensive plastic plate stand to keep the iPad upright for easier viewing and less worry about spills on the counter.  

If you don't have a gallon sized bag, plastic wrap over the front will do in a pinch.  

**CAVEAT** I have only used this trick with a brand name zipper bag.  I do know that some of the store brands are a bit thicker feeling and it may not be as easy to scroll through your pages with them.  If anyone tries it with another brand, let me know how it goes.   

This trick might also work for little sticky fingers in the car.  My only concern would be with leaving the tablet in the bag for long periods of time.  I would be concerned with over heating.

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Annie said…
I love your idea to protect an iPad with a plastic Baggie! Your stand is a good idea, too, but I have a dock for mine.
Oh mylanta! That's just what I needed! I hate washing my hands so I can scroll my recipe down! I had thought to put it in a frame stand, but knew it would scratch the iPad screen. This is perfect!!!
Danielle said…
Great idea! Simple but effective and very affordable!
Becca said…
Thanks for the tip! I had no idea the iPad could "feel" you through a plastic bag!
ipad 3 cover said…
Really helpful! Thanks!
How did I miss this before??? That is really smart - going to do it!