Why no posts about jeans?

See way up there?  At the top of my blog?  That little line about finding the perfect pair of jeans?  Now, check out my labels on past posts?  Do you see a single post about clothes where it relates to me?  Go ahead and look.  I'll wait.

You didn't find one, did you?  

When I started this blog a couple of years back, I had high aspirations.  I had dreams of dazzling you Martha-esque crafts. I was going to regale you with witty tales about my wonderful kids.  I was going to lose 50 pounds and dress every day like I had some place important to be.

But I didn't.

More often than not, my crafts were an utter fail.  My kids mouthed off and moped. One graduated and moved out.  I gained 20 pounds.  And lately, if I'm not in scrubs, I'm in my faded out, tattered jeans and a too tight t-shirt.

Surfing the blogging world, I've become more and more convinced that I am the only one who just doesn't GET this stuff.  I look at Hope Studios and see Jennifer with her awesome tutorials and her soul sister crafts.  I read Kristen's posts over at We Are THAT Family and some how she even manages to make vomit funny. Bethanny over at The Glamorous Housewife manages to look fabulous while chasing around little ones. My house will never be mistaken for anything out of The Inspired Room. I follow FlyLady but I never quite manage to get off the ground.

I could go on, but you get the point. I'm in a funk and not sure how to shake it.  Any suggestions? 


Kelly L said…
Personally my favorite posts to read are about real life - not projects - not vomit but real life... We all suck at times and it's nice to know that I am not sucking alone.. ha
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