Easier Baked Potatoes (Or Why didn't I think of that?)

A better title for this post might be "Duh! Why didn't I think of that earlier?"
I love baked potatoes.  Whether they are a side dish or the main meal, they are filling, delicious and relatively easy.  You can cook them in the oven, the microwave or on the grill.   The most difficult time I have with them is pricking the skin to make sure they don't explode all over where I am cooking them.
To keep them from exploding, we are told to prick the skin multiple times to let the steam vent.  Most people do that with a fork, which seems to always get stuck; or with a knife (just plain scary!) 
As I was getting ready to prep my potatoes for the grill last week, I opened the cutlery drawer and saw this:

Hello lowly corn-on-the-cob holder!

So I thought...hmmm....

And to my surprise, it worked! 

 It was fast easy to make multiple pricks in the skin, with no trouble to get the prongs back out and move on to the next spot.  I was able to go at least 3X faster with the corn cob holder than I ever would have with a fork or knife.

Not the potato I made, but pretty darn close.  Yummy!!!

I told you this was easy.  Don't you just want to slap yourself in the forehead for not coming up with this sooner?

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